Sarafina Rodriguez About Me Title

Sarafina is a comedian, actor, and vocalist tearing up the audiences across the US. One morning at the age of 7 Sarafina sat at the breakfast table with her family. Opera was playing on the radio. Her father pointed out that opera singers were specially trained to sing. Sarafina jumped up from the table and shouted, “I can do that!”. What came out of that child’s mouth was not only annoying as hell, but in tune, and delivered with a timing that made her family “ugly laugh” all over the place. It was that moment a nut was born. With a unique singing voice, Sarafina spent her early years playing in punk bands and performing in repertory companies specializing in Musical theater. She was told to punch up boring rolls and make them funny. After 6 years on the northwest stages Sarafina began her L.A. career doing sketch comedy and Stand up. The UCB was where she learned sketch and sharpened her writing skills. She has been seen performing comedy at the Comedy Store, The IO west, and all the gay clubs as far as thee you can see. She hosts a comedy show on the east side in L.A. once a month. She will sneak up behind you snatch a laugh with her charm. I hope you wore your pearls, because you will be clutching them while you spit take as she rips through the audience with her humorous wiles.